Information Technology

5 Principles to Succeed With Business and Technology Simplification

UPCOMING September 07, 2023
| 10:00 p.m. HKT | 1 hour

Every organization, over time, develops poor and unnecessary levels of complexity in their assets, processes, and product and service portfolios. Executive leaders must consistently simplify their businesses to achieve long-term profitable growth while managing risk. This requires them to negotiate functional, economic, and political challenges. Addressing these has numerous benefits, including cost reduction, greater agility, and improved stakeholder experience, but it also lays the groundwork for further business growth. Most organizations lack effective simplification governance that is capable of addressing and prioritizing it over other initiatives, such as revenue generation and urgent risk reduction. The reality is that simplicity is highly valuable, but it is not simple and straightforward. This complimentary webinar explores best practices that highly experienced executives use to achieve successful business and technology simplification.  

  • Understand how successful executives conduct simplification initiatives

  • Explore the 5 principles for simplification success

  • Simplify your enterprise strategy and the future in mind

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Hosted by

Dave Aron

VP, Distinguished Analyst

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