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CHRO Guide to Manager Effectiveness

As the need for strong manager support continues to grow, managers are struggling with 51% more responsibilities than they can handle. Gartner's CHRO Guide to Manager Effectiveness outlines 4 HR actions that go beyond simply improving skill proficiency to make the manager role more manageable. 

HR Leaders Monthly Magazine: Making Management More Manageable

Organizations need great managers more than ever, but traditional manager development programs are not delivering the outcomes HR leaders hope to see. This issue of Gartner HR Leaders Monthly Magazine offers actionable insights into how HR leaders can redesign the manager role for success.

Three Cues to Unlock Employees' Optimal Performance

Gartner research shows that only 41% of employees are performing optimally as traditional constraints on when, where and how to work have lessened. But, organizations that help employees make better choices about their path, pace and progress can more than double the percentage of the workforce performing optimally. 

Gartner ReimagineHR Conference

Join your peer CHROs and senior HR executives from leading organizations to discuss specific HR challenges and learn top HR trends and priorities.

Client Success Stories

See how Gartner helped other companies achieve their human resources goals.

HR Transformation to Build an Elite Workforce

As Coca-Cola Bottling Company United grew 3.5 times through acquisitions, Gianetta Jones, the VP of HR, needed to realign and develop a strong talent acquisition and development strategy and strengthen DEI efforts to improve productivity.

Optimize Recruiting Platform, Processes and Employer Brand

A shortage of skilled nurses and increased competition for talent complicated Satellite Healthcare’s future growth plans as it was heading into its five-year strategic planning cycle. The CPO, Estrella Parker, along with the talent acquisition leader positioned HR to better serve the shifting business strategy..

Identify Future Skill Needs to Prepare for the Future of Work

With the rise of AI and associated skills like security, machine learning and deep learning, the Senior Director, Talent & Workforce Analysis at Qualcomm wanted to conduct an analysis on expiring, evolving and emerging skills for future skill needs.

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