Strengthen your Program and Portfolio Management Strategy

Digital business transformation and product-centric delivery models are dramatically changing the role and mandate of program and portfolio management leaders

2023 Strategic Portfolio Management Frameworks, Processes and Tools Investments Roadmap

Identifying the right Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) investment is a huge challenge in 2023 due to the turbulence of the previous three years.

This roadmap harnesses collective wisdom of 130 strategic portfolio leaders to understand deployment plans, adoption timelines, value and risp posed by 18 frameworks, processes and tools across SPM. This benchmark data will help organizations:

  • Assess progress on SPM.
  • Identify adoption challenges faced by your peers.
  • Improve portfolio investment decisions.

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    The Gartner IT Score maturity assessment was pivotal in helping us identify opportunities and best practices for our three-year PMO roadmap.

    IT Leader, Manufacturing Industry, IT Leader, Manufacturing Industry
    IT Webinar

    The Role of PMO: Bridge Strategy and Execution

    Organizations are pursuing more ambitious and transformational strategies.  Meanwhile, execution is not getting easier.  Join this free webinar to learn what leading organizations are doing to improve the alignment of managers’ execution decisions and accelerating strategy execution in an uncertain business climate.

    Program & Portfolio Management Leaders must reinvent their approach for portfolio management

    As organizations accelerate digital business initiatives and prepare for “forever hybrid” work environments, most struggle to keep pace with change.1 Traditional PMOs, EPMOs and associated practices, often lack the speed and flexibility most organizations require to compete in today’s digital business. PMOs and EPMOs that fail to modernize their practices and principles risk elimination. PPM leaders must embrace modern behaviours and new capabilities establish themselves as trusted partners in value delivery and strategy execution.

    Program and Portfolio Manager Initiatives

    How we address top challenges of PPM and PMO leaders

    Digital business transformation and product-centric delivery are changing the role and mandate of program and portfolio management leaders. Gartner helps PPM leaders reinvent and manage a business-outcome-driven, strategic PMO or EPMO to support enterprise transformation.

    How to Adapt PMO Strategy to Respond to High Inflation and a Recession

    Changes, when left unaddressed, often create misalignment between enterprise and portfolio strategies. With rising inflation and a possible recession, PMO leaders can adapt their PMO strategy by focusing on these three areas.

    Strategic Architecture Roadmap to Composable Future of Applications

    Get ready for the world after the pandemic and prepare for the next wave of change with the roadmap to composability. Rewatch one of the Gartner top sessions from our 2021 conferences for application leaders.

    How to Enable Organizational Change Management in a Digital Business

    Digital business acceleration and the pandemic have increased the volume and complexity of organizational change. To manage change successfully, PMO leaders must build change management capabilities among three key stakeholder segments — portfolio decision makers, BU leaders and impacted employees.

    Understanding Product Management and Its Impact on Strategic Portfolio Leaders

    This infographic outlines the core attributes of product management and key action steps that strategic portfolio leaders must take to evolve their function’s mandate and competencies to support this model.

    Tracking the Career Paths of IT PMO and EPMO Leaders

    As PMOs adapt to the shift to Agile and product management, PMO leaders have an opportunity to consider a wide array of career paths. The findings in this infographic are based on analyses of publicly available LinkedIn profiles for two groups of PMO leaders. 

    New to the PPM and PMO role?

    PMOs succeed by creating new perceptions and changed actions. Among them are improving project management capabilities and maturity, providing accurate information about the “true” state of proposed and ongoing projects, and better practices for planning, executing and monitoring the progress and incremental success of projects. Gartner has the tools you need to make the most of your new role.

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