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Hosted by: Karen Lockhart 

Gartner ThinkCast puts you at the intersection of business and technology with insights from the top experts on how to build a more successful organization, team and career in the digital era. Join us to get your competitive advantage.

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Featured Episode

How to Actually Get Started With Generative AI in Your Business

June 27, 2023

Generative AI has gripped our imaginations and holds untold potential, but where do we go from here? Chris Howard, Gartner Global Chief of Research, is back with new insights from our video series, Top of Mind. He explores how humans relate to machines and why language itself is the key technology that underpins our evolving relationship to AI. He also looks at the promise of generative AI and how we can use it to make better decisions and reach more favorable outcomes.

ChatGPT, LLMs and Generative AI: What Your Business Needs to Know

May 23 2023

How Leading Companies Leverage Software to Create New Value

May 16 2023

Adapt Your Business Strategy in the Face of Disruption

May 02 2023

Generative AI: Understanding the Business Implications and Cutting Through the Hype

April 18 2023

Leadership Lessons From the First Female Thunderbird Pilot

April 04 2023

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