Energy and Utilities in the Digital Age

Gartner provides actionable, objective insights to Energy & Utilities decision makers and their teams.

Market Guide for Asset Investment Planning Solutions for Energy and Utilities

By 2025, 40% of energy and utilities companies will face a 50% increase in capital demands triggered by resource scarcity and soaring demands.

Gartner has identified reccomendations and key capabilities of an AIP solution to support Energy & Utilities CIOs responsible for technology optimization. This research assesses asset investment capability requirements against business goals, digital maturity, project success prerequisites and business outcomes.

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    Trending insights and tools for Energy & Utilities technology leaders

    Insights to enable faster, smarter decisions

    Design an adaptive strategy to prepare for the impact of energy disruption  with Scenario Planning to Prepare for an Uncertain Energy Future.

    Establish a framework for linking business and technology outcomes using Digital-Outcome-Driven Metrics for Oil and Gas.

    Learn about the importance of intelligent assets and how CIOs are orchestrating efforts to accelerate success.

    Discover the Top 10 Trends Shaping the Utility Sector in 2023, and how CIOs should use this research to prioritize and align IT to the needs of the business.

    Resources and tools to drive stronger performance

    Gartner IT Score gives you a custom, on-demand view of your function’s performance and maturity versus a benchmark peer group, and enables you to plot your improvement path. 

    Gartner Magic Quadrant™ research helps you find best-in-class vendors of software solutions and services.

    Gartner BuySmart™ helps you make fast, smart budget and tech decisions.

    Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™ provides a common language that connects strategic digital priorities to underlying digital enablers, to provide clarity around high impact technology investments.

    Measure, prioritize and improve your organization's performance

    Chief Information Officers play an integral role in digital transformation.

    Chief Information Security Officer enables business leaders to make the right decisions. 

    Chief Data Officers can create a competitive advantage through data and analytics innovation, data literacy and data-driven digital transformation.

    Infrastructure and Operations leaders need to keep the pace with technology innovations and meet digital business goals.

    Technology and Service Provider's can gauge the impact of economic turbulence on customers, opportunities and competitive positioning.

    Support for other IT leadership roles to execute on application and software engineering, IT sourcing and vendor management, enterprise architect and technical professional mission-critical strategies.

    The Gartner Predictions for 2023: Oil, Gas & Energy

    Join this complimentary webinar to understand how to leverage the Gartner Hype Cycle for Oil and Gas to align technology investments with strategic business goals, while facing pressure to get more from lean resources. 

    • Find out which digital technologies offer the greatest potential for oil and gas companies
    • Gain assessments of each technology including current maturity, business impact and user advice
    • Learn how to leverage the Gartner Hype Cycle for Oil and Gas to strengthen your company’s technology radar

    Energy companies are expanding the scale and scope of digital innovations to drive efficiency, transform operations, and diversify revenue. CIOs and digital leaders need to understand how to align technology investments with strategic business goals.

    Rich McAvey, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner

    2023 CIO Agenda Insights for Energy & Utilities Leaders

    The 2023 CIO Agenda analyzes data from the 2023 Gartner CIO and Technology Executive Survey, conducted to help CIOs and technology executives overcome digital execution gaps by empowering and enabling an ecosystem of digital technology producers. Below are insights on the top priorities, technologies, and challenges for energy and utilities leaders in 2023 to deliver on digital initiatives.

    An Energy Perspective

    Download the 2023 CIO Agenda Insights for the Oil & Gas Industry to explore how your peers are investing in tech to deliver on digital initiatives.

    A Utilities Perspective

    Access the infographic to learn top priorities for water and power utilities in 2023, and what actions you can take now to deliver on your digital initiatives.

    Experience Information Technology conferences

    Join your peers for the unveiling of the latest insights at Gartner conferences.